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There are 47 groups of different professions in Adana Chamber of Commerce (ACC). In elections repeated every four years, members of each of these groups of professions choose 5 to 9 members to represent their particular professions in the “Professional Committees”. Each Professional Committee in turn elects 2-4 of its members to represent their profession at the Chamber Assembly which is the main body of power where decisions are made. With the participation of these chosen representatives of each profession, the 109 membered Chamber Assembly is formed. The Assembly then elects its President, his two Vice – Presidents, and the Executive Board of 11 members from among those 109 Assembly members. The Executive Board elects one Chairman, two Vice-Chairman, and one Auditor from among its 11 members. The Assembly is elected for 4 years, the Executive Board is elected for a period of 4 years. The legal representative of the Chamber of Commerce is the Chairman of the Executive Board.

As seen here with, the executives for each administrative unit are appointed through a well defined democratic system, various elections at different levels continuing up to the highest rank ensure democracy. The system also has the authority to revise and revitalize and control itself. Beside these units, various sector committees and special professional commissions elected by the Assembly, work in ACC.

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